(Updated) Rental Assistance Programs in California

Below is a list of cities that are offering financial assistance to renters that are struggling to make their payment due to COVID-19. We will update as other cities open up their assistance programs once more.

City/County Program Status
Anaheim  Rental Assistant Program Closed
Berkeley Housing Retention  Grants  Open
Broadmoor Housing Assistance Program Open
Buena Park COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program Open
Chula Vista Rental Assistance Program Open
Corona  United Lift  Open
Daily City  Housing Assistance Program Open
Downey City of Downey  Open
Claremont Tenant Assistance Program Waitlist
Colma  Housing Assistance Program Open
Emeryville Keep Everyone Housed Open
Fremont Fremont Cares Closed
Fullerton  Emergency Rental Assistance Program Open
Glendale  Emergency Rental Assistance Program Closed
Irvine Rental Assistance Program  Open
Livermore  Emergency Rent Gap Assistance Program Open
Longbeach Longbeach Cares Open
Los Angeles County Emergency Renters Assistance Program Open
Marin Rental Assistance Program Closed
Monterey Park Emergency Rental Assistance Program  Closed
Mountain View Rental Relief Program  Open
Oakland  Keep Everyone Housed Open
Ontario  Rental and Utility Assistance Program Open
Palm Springs United Lift  Open
Pasadena  Emergency Rent Assistance Program Open
Paramount City Emergency Mortgage and Rental Assistance Program  Open – Closes July 17th
Pleasanton  Emergency Rental Assistance Program  Open
Redwood City  Emergency Rental Assistance Waitlist
Riverside County United Lift  Open
San Diego  COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program Open – Closes July 20th
San Geronimo  Rental Assistance and Emergency Funds Emergency funds still open
San Mateo County  Housing Assistance Program Open
Santa Cruz Emergency Eviction Prevention Program Open – Closes July 23
Santa Monica  COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Program  Open – Closes July 17
Santa Rosa Rental Assistance Program Closed
Tustin Tustin Families Homelessness Prevention Program Open
Ventura County Pandemic Rental Assistance  Open
Westminster  WCares Program Closed