Disaster Info

Find disaster-specific resources, legal information and legal assistance programs.

Learning About Disaster Legal Issues

Information For The Public

Legal Help

Volunteer attorneys can provide free limited-scope legal help for disaster related legal issues.

California Free Legal Answers

Free online legal help for matters related to disasters or COVID-19.

Get free legal help in 3 steps!

  1. Visit Ca.freelegalanswers.org and make an account
  2. Ask your question
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Disaster Legal Assistance Helpline

Statewide Disaster Helpline provide disaster survivors with free legal help.

Title Clearing Program

Free legal help for homeowners that need help proving ownership of their home. A volunteer attorney will go over your situation and help you make a plan.

Disaster preparedness Resources

Preparedness information for specific disaster types.

Video Resources

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Bankruptcy and Disaster Prep

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Clear Title and Protecting Your Property

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Disability Leave Rights When Disaster Strikes

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Disaster Prep 101 Documents

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Disaster Prep 101 Employment Rights

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Disaster Prep 101 Housing Rights

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Disaster Prep 101 How A Lawyer Can Help

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How to prepare for Extreme Heat events

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Title Clearing Program Video

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Your Employment Rights In an Extreme Heat Event

Disaster Food and Shelter


Get connected to health and human services in your area.

Red Cross Shelter Map

Local Food Banks

Disaster Aid

Disaster Cal Fresh

Temporary funds to help cover food cost

Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Funds to cover wages lost due to a disaster


Disaster recovery funds for households affected by specific disasters

Small Business Administration Loans

Low-interest loans for homeowners and business owners that were affected by disasters