City of Hayward enacts a 90-Moratorium on Evictions

The Hayward City Council voted Tuesday to enact an immediate 90-day moratorium on residential evictions for failure to pay rent due to coronavirus and on no-fault evictions that would otherwise be allowable under the city’s rent-stabilization ordinance.

The legislation also authorizes an expansion of landlord-tenant mediation services to help negotiate payment agreements in cases in which a tenant’s ability to pay rent has been impacted by COVID-19 or measures being taken to control spread of the disease.

In enacting the emergency ordinance, the Council also directed City staff members to develop a financial-assistance program to help stabilize the rental housing market by making cash available to subsidize tenant rent or landlord mortgage payments.  The program is anticipated to be ready to roll-out by April 15.

Specifically, the moratorium covers instances in which inability to pay rent arises from a substantial decrease in household income related to the pandemic, including due to layoffs, reductions in work hours, including as a result of having to remain home with children who are out of school, declines in business earnings and out of pocket medical expenses associated with coronavirus or COVID-19 disease.

To qualify for the moratorium eviction protection, tenants must be able to document the loss of income. During the moratorium, landlords cannot charge late fees and tenants remain liable for unpaid rent; however, landlords cannot file for an eviction for rent not paid during the moratorium until 90 days after the expiration of the moratorium.

For more information about the moratorium or mediation services, visit it the City’s website at 
www.hayward-ca.gov/housing or call (510) 583-4454 or (510) 909-4588.