California Relief Fund for Artist and Cultural Practitioners

California Relief Fund for Artists and Cultural Practitioners will provide $1,000 dollar grants to artist and cultural practitioners that have experienced financial impact due to COVID-19.

Deadline: Tuesday, August 18 at 3 p.m

Apply Here 


  • Must be a current, full-time resident of the state of California; and must upload ONE proof of current residency in the state of California. Proof is demonstrated by including a legible photo of a current state driver’s license or ID; or most-recent utility bill, health insurance statement, bank statement, or other document. The name and address must match that used in the application form.
  • Must be an artist or cultural practitioner; and must provide documentation that demonstrates applicant’s professional role in arts and culture.
  • Must not be eligible for or currently receiving CA-state unemployment insurance (UI) benefits (Applicants receiving CARES benefits through the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance [PUA] program ARE eligible for funding);
  • Cannot have a conflict of interest (family or financial relationships) with the boards, staff, and directors of CCI and California Arts Council and state-level elected officials and their staffs; and
  • Can only apply once.


Apply Here