Governor Newsom announces direct payments to families

Governor Newsom has announced the California Comeback Plan, which includes relief for middle-class americans.

“2 OUT OF EVERY 3 CALIFORNIANS GET GOLDEN STATE STIMULUS CHECKS o Newsom’s plan will triple the state’s investment — for a total of nearly $12 billion — in the Golden State Stimulus by expanding the stimulus to middle class families. 2 out of every 3 Californians will now benefit from a direct cash payment from the state.

▪ $600 direct payments to all taxpayers who make up to $75,000 a year and did not receive a first payment.

▪ Additional $500 in direct payments to families with dependents.

▪ Additional $500 in direct payments to undocumented families.

LARGEST STATEWIDE RENTER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM IN THE COUNTRY o The California Comeback Plan includes the largest renter assistance package in the country – $5.2 billion for low-income renters to cover their back-rent and their rent for several months into the future. Newsom’s plan also includes $2 billion to help Californians pay their overdue water and utility bills. Additionally, the CA Comeback Plan includes more money than ever for tenant legal services. ” –  Read More Here